Saturday, February 20, 2010

ACES: Who We Are and What We Do

ACES (Adult Community Education Society) seek to expand and enhance knowledge, appreciation, and respect for the ADULT Community in Second Life.

We accomplish this by sharing our own knowledge and enthusiasm with those who are honestly and respectfully seeking the same through sponsorship, leadership or participation in educational opportunities such as lectures, seminars, presentations or discussions in SL focused on ADULT education regardless of SIM or group affiliation.

ACES seeks to build a better quality SL ADULT Community.

Founded by JeZeBeLe Dagger, Jovial Denimore, and Rory Glenwalker on December 6, 2009 with the common goal of providing a symbiotic foundation between different schools, SIMs and educators on SL in an attempt to allow residents to feel welcomed and encouraged to visit different classes on different SIMs with different educators.

There are currently over 10 schools on various SIMs and over 25 educators teaching everything from A to Z. We have lectures, discussions, build classes, and special events just to begin to name a few of the ways we encompass and embrace education in SL.

Visit our google Calendar at:
Our membership is always FREE, all adults are welcome, we are an open-minded community resource.

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We Seek to expand knowledge, for Knowledge is Power.

If you are not a member of ACES and would like to be you may contact:
JeZeBeLe Dagger: co-Owner, co-Founder
Jovial Denimore: co-Owner, co-Founder
Rory Glenwalker: Google Calendar Coordinator, co-Founder
Isis Expiento: Journalist