Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Fallen Angels Real Life Viewer RLV with Eldric Westland

Due to popular demand, we'll hold again our "RLV for absolute beginners" 1-hour workshop in Fallen tonight. If you missed it last time, here's your chance to come and learn the basics about it, dispel some myths and see how it can be used to positively enhance your SL practice of BDSM. Everyone welcome, voice/text. Hosted by Eldric Westland at Fallen Angels BDSM Club and Dungeon.

Dom/me Nation Meeting at Solace of Submission

Tonight's topic hosted by Miss Paine is: "Training Ideas and Concepts" Part II at Solace of Submission Come on my fellow Dominants, come share how you work your special brand of magic with your slave or submissive. No I'm not talking about sex! I'm talking about the "C" word, Conditioning.
Tonight's focus is on - Conditioning and Behavior Modification.
What are some specific conditioning requirements that are an absolute must have for your s type?
Come join us for this interesting topic.
Dominants only please

Furry Creek Inn, Sex Talk with Aubrey Composer

Aubrey Composer: FCI Sex Talk ~5pm SLT~ The triumphant return of Sex Talk tonight 5pm to 7pm SLT. Join Aubrey Composer as we go back to basics and define fetishes, kinks, and the like in a (hopefully) engaging way in an inclusive environment Furry Creek Inn hosts events every 2 weeks. Stay tuned to the google calendar link on this page to attend courses of your interest.

Empowered Submisses with silk.arcana "Awakenings"

• 10:00 am slt
• Silk Arcana
• Discussion Opened to Everyone
What were your first stirrings of BDSM? How did they manifest ..or not ? How has it affected you in RL and SL ? **Please have voice enabled**

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Dominus Academy with Darius Aldrin "Limits"

Fireside Discussion hosted at 8pm at Dominus Slave Academy

Tuesday 8pm: Fireside Discussion- Join us tonight at Dominus as we discuss-Setting limits before a collar.This discussion will be held in text only, and everyone is welcome to join. Dominus is a safe, drama free BDSM sim. With Darius Aldrin as host.

Basic Rules for Safe Sane and Consentual BDSM

Mirjam Munro's lecture on "Basic rules for safe sane consentual BDSM" (pt. 3 of 3) is STARTING NOW (11 am SLT) at the Ancient Theatre of the D/s academy. Text chat, the lecture can be enjoyed independently of having attended the previous parts. This image is Mirjam greeting guests as they Arrive

Dealing with Stress at Total Power Exchange

Dealing with Stress . As a Dom are you to not let it affect you with your sub? Should you show your sub that you are stressed , grief, or loss? Dose showing your submissive show you to be a weak Dom or one that is strong enough in themselves to show real feelings? As a sub should you step up and try to take care of your Dom ? As a sub when you feel lost or stressed do you need to tell your Dom? Dose it make you a whiny sub to talk about these things? This will be in Voice and text come join the talk !! With Shyone Bergan at Total Power Exchange and Chris Quartz

Monday, March 5, 2012

Empowered Submissives Discussion with Destiny Teardrop

Empowered Submissives discussion on communication and unhealthy relationships.

D/s Academy Discussion ~ Communication with Mata Windstorm

D/s Academy Hosted a discussion today on the subject of Communication. The event was primarily in voice and offered text feedback. Several people participated on voice in this discussion as well as text. To bring insight on effective communication so that the individual can create their own skill base relating to consent, informed consent, negotiation and listening skills. This is part of a series on effective communication.