Saturday, November 13, 2010

Sarrah's sub-stance

My stance

Well as this is the first of my posts (and i love to chat so i will probably post many) i have wondered how to start it. It seems to me the best way to start is to explain my stance so to speak. What is it to me that submission means, what i teach, and why this lifestyle?
Submission to me is a natural state of mind. It is a need of mine to want to give all i am (even if i don't necessarily think its much in itself) and all i have to one Master to own and control. I have actually been criticized and told "This is a modern age. Women are allowed to think for themselves now". Well...imagine that. Yes i am allowed to think for myself and make my own decisions. My decision to give myself completely. My decision to trust all to Him. So my question back to this girl was simple "If i am so free, then what business is it of yours?"
Am i allowed to think freely for myself ONLY if it fits into societies ideals? And what exactly is so terrible, so completely wrong with loving one person with all i am? Why should i let society train me to be untrusting and secretive? Because i might get hurt? Who hasn't? At my age hurt has already been. Deal with it.
Submission to me is the complete giving of myself in utter trust and love to the One who earns that from me. Master Mikhail earned that in SL and RL from me in every possible way. And perhaps because He knows He has my heart completely He freely gives the love i need every day. I may be crazy but...i thought that was how love was supposed to work.
What i teach in my classes is just what i believe. Giving of one's self completely. You cant teach the BEING of submissive. You either have that tendency or you don't (or you don't know yet and and are trying to figure it out). But figuring out why you feel the way you do, how understanding these feelings and needs can lead to fulfillment beyond words, and most important...when to trust. Yes just like the speed date service, the christian date service and hopelessly-single-forever-so-give me a break-give me a date-online service...ALL have predators. All have dangers. Sl D/s is no different than any other romance driven meeting area. There are a few bad bad people.
Being smart is usually the best way to be safe (remember not all predators look like demons. Ted Bundy ring a bell?). And these evil roaches can hide any where in any walk of life. Not just in D/s and certainly not just online. So a good deal of what i teach is based on making CAREFUL evaluations of others and INFORMED decisions. Information i didn't have at my disposal when i started. Hopefully it gives others a better edge and saves them some of the turmoil i went through There is no need for people to get hurt especially when there is someone willing to arm you with info.
But here we are back at being armed and dangerous. Of course we have to be careful. Of course we should be informed and protective of our own safety. A submissive who simply gives themselves to the first person that walks by is little more than a tramp. When a Dominant knows the submissive is smart, careful, and expects the Dominant to try a little...when the Dominant has to invest the time and effort...then the gift is fully appreciated once earned.
The bottom line to me on this lifestyle...its not for the faint of heart. It isn't for the person who hides behind their locked doors every day. And it isn't for the speed dater either. Be prepared to look deep into the mirror and be utterly honest with YOURSELF. Then be prepared for months and years of work that it will take to build a relationship that is strong and healthy. Master and i enjoy just such a beautiful bond. But as He said just this morning, W/we didn't pop out of the box this way. He and i spent over a year just building a bond on line. Not many RL vanilla relationships today can say they went almost a year without even kissing once before committing their heart. D/s lifestyle takes us back to a time when commitment meant something. In my little home town people are still celebrating 50 and 60 year wedding anniversaries. But they grow fewer every year. Just a little something to think about before dissing the idea of my surrendering and gladly handing my heart to Master.

Friday, November 12, 2010

Living 24/7 Real Life.... A Point of View

First of all, I’d like to introduce myself to you all. My second life name is Pleasure Ansome. 

First and foremost, I am slave to my Master in both second life and first life.  W/we met in second life around a year ago and have managed a successful transition into real life. Originally from Australia, I moved to the US (redneck country) to live with Master in a 24/7 M/s relationship. 
This being said, I’ve been attending a lot of the SL classes advertised in the ACES group lately that have been based on real life topics and have found a surprising reaction from people about the ability to live 24/7 in a pure M/s dynamic.  So in my first blog as an ACES Journalist, I want to touch on MY thoughts on how I see  a 24/7 D/s relationship can work and ask the question... is it possible to “live it” 24 hours, 7 days a week?
I would like to make a note here, that I’m not one for labels, and to be perfectly honest, don’t understand all of the “theory” of the lifestyle.  This is why I continually attend the classes in second life, continually share with others and ask lots of questions... we never stop learning and I am by no stretch of the imagination an expert.
So this point of view is purely my own... based on what I’ve learned, heard, read about and experienced firsthand.  You may or may not agree with all or anything I say, but my opinion is that it doesn’t really matter whether I get the labels right or theories or if you agree with me.  I’m just hoping to put another point of view across to think about. And at the end of the day, the lifestyle is about what works for you.  Not me, not everyone else.
Ok, so the debate seems to be that 24/7 D/s isn’t real. 
It can’t possibly be because ‘life’ gets in the way.  We work, we get sick, we have kids, we have commitments and all kinds of obligations in the “real world”.  How can you possibly be living in your roles as Dom/me and sub when you are making these decisions or dealing with these kinds of ‘distractions’ or just chilling out eating chocolate & ice-cream on the couch?
I can see how on the surface this seems to be the case.  But from my experience... being a submissive isn’t what i DO, it’s WHO I AM. And it’s the same for Master.
I don’t put on my collar and “play” submissive until something else takes my attention.  As a lifestyle submissive, Master is ALWAYS my priority.  He is always Master and I am always slave. Period.
Ok... i can see you have a million questions or retorts to that (and none of them wrong, remember it’s YOUR views that are important to you)...  But can I put this to you?
In a business environment, there is a Manager and a team of people. The Manager makes all the ultimate decisions on how the department is run. He/She plans the budget... they analyse productivity schedules... they are ultimately responsible for the smooth running of the department. 
The team are given different areas of responsibilities to handle, given direction, a set of rules and guidelines to follow... but they always are working towards the goals set forward by the Manager.
If I call my mum while I’m at work... it would be the right thing to do to ask for permission from the Manager. He may have even given me a blanket decision that so long as I am getting things done that I need to, meeting deadlines and always available if he requires my attention, then it’s fine to call her. 
Does this mean I’m stepping out of my role as part of the team?  He has allowed me to do that. I have asked for permission and he has granted it.  It doesn’t change our dynamic or what I need to achieve or the “pay” I receive.
It may even increase my job satisfaction and loyalty to the Department, since I have such a great boss that lets me do this type of thing. He/she may put on a bbq or a Christmas Party... perhaps even a “bonus” to build up moral. I’d definitely stay in a job like that where I feel appreciated for what I do and allowed these “little blessings”.
So in a 24/7 D/s relationship.... living it every waking (and sleeping) minute of every day, the important thing to remember is that anything you do is because it is required as part of your role as slave or your Dominant has given permission for.
For me...I may go to work in a high profile and demanding career, but it’s only because Master allows me to.  If I get a night off from cooking and we have take out in front of the tv in my pjs... it’s because Master has given me permission to do this.  I don’t step out of my role to do it... I am allowed... given permission.  By Him allowing me these things, it keeps my brain active or my moral up.  Just like the Manager did that I spoke about. 
I mentioned earlier... the lifestyle is about what it is to you.  No one else. There is no right or wrong way to live it.... From 24/7 to sceneing and everywhere in between.  I just wanted to give you something to think about.
Until next post... I’ll leave you with this quote.........
“A mind once stretched by a new idea never regains its original dimension.” ~ Oliver Wendell
Happy learning everyone!
Pleasure Ansome

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Flagging Event Postings in Secondlife

Flagging Event Postings in Secondlife

by JeZeBeLe less than a minute ago

The SL Education Council have been talking about posting a JIRA on the issue of people posting adult events in the event listings. For one, a business that says, we will teach you how to use the bukakke instrument we sell. Is not necessarily a class to the general public. Be smart about how you are posting. Do not get the rest of the Adult education topics flagged for the method of how the events are posted. Especially if the topic is of commercial endeavor which the individuals have the ability to post said event in a classified ad that costs under 100 lindens to post.

Technically the concern I have is people who host classes in ADULT spaces in SecondLife losing the ability to post by having their information filtered out. Make Adult Education respectable. Use words that show this respect. JIRA on the issue of ADULT Paid classifieds not being able to work in world due to filters. (I am told that this may not be a issue, that some posts in the classifieds relate to how much linden people are paying to have them in the sidebar) Inappropriate entries in "Education" category of Search GIve residents power to vet the Events listings in Search

Make sure your event is an actual event and not an announcement. Classified listings are for parcels to pay and use. As an adult I want the ability to utilize the listings when applicable. If we as adults use those groups wrong the lindens will filter us out.

Be aware, play safe and do your best at what you do,