Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Humiliation Discussion at The Extreme Fetish

Tonight I went to a discussion on Humiliation between dominants and submissives at the Extreme Fetish. This discussion was to show that those who willingly and sanely partake of this activity are not engaging or abusing another person, but to show how pleasure and pride are a great aspect of this play.
I had never given thought to humiliation before, I looked at it as if I were to approach it in everyday life. Not as a scene, not as part of play, but as I would in everyday life. To hear a Dominant say that for him it is a way to show his pride in his submissive. Torquedom3 lead this discussion and he made a very clear point between humility and humiliation. He spoke in depth about the difference of humility and humiliation and how the show of humility is not about humiliating another person as most would see it.
He spoke about the difference between the honorable Dominant and the power seeking so called Dominants. The ones to who engage in humiliation to make another person ashamed and to tear away their self esteem, and the Dominants who do this so that they can also build the esteem of the submissive.
I loved how many questions were asked and I saw an attempt to answer each question fully and completely. The interaction of everyone that was there was incredible, it felt that no one had any fear of asking their questions nor did they seem afraid of the answer. At one point someone said that they were confused and they were asked to tell where and how they were confused. After doing so there was care taken and the explanation continued until the person who was confused understood.
I pride myself on having an open mind to a vast amount of things and on educating myself on things I don't know or understand. I learned a great deal from this discussion, my eyes and mind were opened a great deal more than before. I would like to say thank you to everyone who was there and took part in this discussion, everyone taught me something new, another topic to study and better educate myself on.