Sunday, November 27, 2011

~=Interview With A Financial Domme=~
Nov. 25th, 2011

Baroness Eisenhart: Welcome. Anything I can do for you?

Jovial Denimore: Hi. What kind of SIM is this?

Baroness Eisenhart: It's also a FinDom sim. Beside the FemDom part. We are specialists in draining moneypigs and offer certain brainfucks.

Jovial Denimore: Interesting. How does that work here? The FinDom part?

Baroness Eisenhart: Ummm... better than I ever thought

Jovial Denimore: Lol! Ive been to a few FinDom sims in the past but they never really seem to last very long here in SL.

Baroness Eisenhart: All our Mistresses together make around L$XXXK a month. And that's enough to pay the tier I guess ;)

Jovial Denimore: So here, Mistresses are hired?

Baroness Eisenhart: Not right now but I will continue to expand. We have 5 Mistresses here right now.

Jovial Denimore: Do you just let anyone come and do this?

Baroness Eisenhart: Of course not. FinDom is war...

Jovial Denimore: LOL! I've been to some in the past where there are only one or two for an entire sim. Others the Mistresses have to pay a certain amount of "rent" to be there.

Baroness Eisenhart: Well here they get a cut from what they earn. They have no costs and no risk.

Jovial Denimore: How long have you been open?

Baroness Eisenhart: Umm... 2 and a half months now. The redlight district will be opened next week officially. I'm still finishing it.

Jovial Denimore: Wow you have a lot of traffic accroding to SL search engine for only being open 2 months. Thats pretty cool.

Baroness Eisenhart: Hmmm... To be honest i don't care about traffic.

Jovial Denimore: How long have you been doing this and into FinDom?

Baroness Eisenhart: In SL since about 3 years now. But I always enjoyed to manipulate people in RL before.

Jovial Denimore: Lol!

Baroness Eisenhart: Making them my little puppets ^^ Yes.. that's what excites me...

Jovial Denimore: This is so interesting. For years since ive beenin SL, I've tried to figure this all out. In the general BDSM Community, FinDom is a huge taboo.

Baroness Eisenhart: Ask and I will answer. I'm not afraid of competition, because I'm best. Many tried to copy me and my methods, but they all failed ^^

Jovial Denimore: I've heard pig, money pig, money slave and a few other variations. Is it all the same thing or are there differences?

Baroness Eisenhart: It's all the same- cash cow, etc.

Jovial Denimore: Here in SL FinDom is a big thing, but a lot of the SIMs don't last very long. There is a huge interest in it here but no one really seems to know where it comes from and there are no set commonalities between the SIMs.

Baroness Eisenhart: I see. Well, maybe because they are all competition.

Jovial Denimore: Thats probably a very good reason for sure. There also doesn't seem to be a basic culture for FinDom, not really anyway.

Baroness Eisenhart: There are many fakes and people trying to FinDom. They harm our image and try to steal our pigs. That's why you don't talk much about it. But there is a little basic. Because there's something all FinDommes have in common. All FinDommes are a tiny bit paranoid.

Jovial Denimore: Why do you say that all FinDoms have a some paranoia in common?

Baroness Eisenhart: You have to invest a lot of time to prepare someone to be a profitable pig. Pigs get weak and when there comes another Mistress wiggling her ass. Related to the avatars it's 50:50 and there is a difference between men and women. Women desire to get forced into prostitution and such- violent fantasies. Whereas men like to be used and ruined. But I really don't care if there is a male or female behind an avatar. The result is all that counts.

Jovial Denimore: Right. What did you mean by there is a lot of preperation? Do you mean trust building or something else? Making freinds?

Baroness Eisenhart: That's the art of manipulation, making pigs return, brainfuck them that they don't get you out of their heads ever again.

Jovial Denimore: I imagine too that to be a FinDom, you have to be very creative to set up scenarios and such.

Baroness Eisenhart: Yes, to find the key to the pig's mind. But you also have to be very attentive to filter information.

Jovial Denimore: Do you consider what you do to be Pro-Domming? Or do you consider FinDom to be different than being a Pro-Domme?

Baroness Eisenhart: In my eyes it's Pro-Domming. You need a lot of experiences to be a good FinDomme. The buttons you have to press to brainfuck a moneypig.

Jovial Denimore: What is the longest you've ever kept a money pig? I imagine they don't stay very long or go look for something new?. Like its a rush for them that maybe can't ever be satisfied.

Baroness Eisenhart: Oh... there's one I have since two years.

Jovial Denimore: Wow thats pretty long time. Longest I've heard of in SL.

Baroness Eisenhart: Yes indeed. Making them addicted to you is very important, as it is to control their RLs.

Jovial Denimore: I was just about to ask if you think this is an addiction for them.

Baroness Eisenhart: It is. But you can compare it food, some people like apples for example, others not, and if you try to like it, it's only a half-hearted thing.

Jovial Denimore: Do you take any safeguards for people? Like if they are almost broke that they don't give all their money away as to lose their way of taking care of themselves in RL?

Baroness Eisenhart: That's easy maths. Where do I profit from: Someone who pays me $4000 and is ruined financially or someone who tributes $500 regularly?

Jovial Denimore: Right

Baroness Eisenhart: It's some kind of responsibility you have for your pigs.

Jovial Denimore: Do you find people are honest about their RL financial situation though when it comes to things like that?

Baroness Eisenhart laughs. 'Yesterday we had a visitor offering me diamonds (he was talking about RL diamonds) and such. I kicked him. I heard such stories way too often. I don't care if he had those diamonds or not. I banned him because if someone thinks he can buy me, he is totally wrong here. I don't let anyone push me, because I'm not a cheap whore.'

Jovial Denimore: Right, so I can imagine after time it gets easier to tell who's lying.

Baroness Eisenhart: Yes, experiences.

Jovial Denimore: Do you think there are a lot of men who think that is what FinDom is about? About buying you so you do what they want?

Baroness Eisenhart: Of course not. I do what I want and they get nothing in exchange unless I want them to get anything. Like another brainfuck.

Jovial Denimore: Right, and thats why I asked if you see this as Pro-Domming because to me, a Pro-Domme gets paid to do what the buyer wants. But a FinDomme keeps the control the entire time and decides if the "buyer" will get anything at all. The ProDomme guy wants the action where the FinDomme guy just gets off on the sheer giving of money and giving that 'power' to someone else.

Baroness Eisenhart: Something like that. In fact, I get drained [they give me all] for offering them a satisfaction of their needs- the feeling to serve a Domme and to be used by her. Further more they like the thrill of the danger to get ruined.

Jovial Denimore: How long have you been interested in this? You had mentioned you liked manipulating people in RL for some time. Was there a moment or one particular event that made you KNOW this was something you really liked?

Baroness Eisenhart bites her lips: 'Yes... there was...'

Jovial Denimore smiles. 'Would you mind sharing?'

Baroness Eisenhart: It's better not to... let's say I'm a girl who gets everything she wants...

Jovial Denimore: Lol! So do you consider this to be a fetish/kink for yourself and for the people who come here? And do you think it is part of BDSM or something not from the traditional BDSM as we understand it?

Baroness Eisenhart: It is BDSM for sure because it's not sex, but an art of dominance. You are responsible for a pig as you are for a normal slave and it's consensual.

Jovial Denimore: What responsibilities does a Mistress have to her pigs?

Baroness Eisenhart: Since FinDom effects the RL you have to talk about RL sorrows, financial problems, etc.

Jovial Denimore: Ah ok, so there are some "negotiations" that take place?

Baroness Eisenhart: Something like that, yes. And that's the core of FinDom: Being a caring, but ruthless Mistress.

Jovial Denimore: And there are a lot of misconceptions in SL, and RL about this. People meet women who say they are FinDommes, but they are just abusive. From all you have said to me here, your core belief system and how you do this, it isn't like that.

Baroness Eisenhart: Pigs want abusive women. That's their kink.

Jovial Denimore: Lol!

Baroness Eisenhart: Yes. That's what they want- being cashraped. And that's why many pigs act like whores. They leave you after they had some fun. But one thing is for sure, they all crawl back one day.

Jovial Denimore: But I mean, you don't just take $4000 and force them agains their will. It's what they want. It is a consensual act.

Baroness Eisenhart: This is still SL so everything here is consensual, due to the virtual world. A pig can always log, can stop voicing, or a cam session.

Jovial Denimore: I've met several men who say that they were forced and are now traumatized from a FinDom in SL situation. This is where I think FinDom gets a bad reputation, but as you said, they can log.

Baroness Eisenhart: Yes. Forced in SL? That's impossible unless they agreed before. How can I blackmail them for example if they don't hand me RL pictures?

Jovial Denimore: What do you think of the human ATM machines in SL or those wallets where one can take money from a person's Linden account whenever they wish?

Baroness Eisenhart: Those devices are also consensual. Because you can withdraw the L$ he/she has only, there's the limit for the Domme. If a pig has L$20 only, you only get L$20. I think it's a safe method for both sides.

Jovial Denimore: For a Domme who would like to explore and learn about this kink, what advice would you give on becoming informed about this lifestyle and also what to do to get started?

Baroness Eisenhart: I wouldn't waste my time with those Dommes. Remember the apple? Either you like apples or not. Either you get excited by taking money or not. It's nothing you can learn.

Jovial Denimore: How about for a sub/slave/pig who would like to do it? Any advice for them?

Baroness Eisenhart: It's the same. If a slave is not into FinDom, he/she will never be.

Baroness Eisenhart: Would you get excited by paying me money? Probably not and you never will. That's why I call FinDom a fetish.

Jovial Denimore: Lol, no, not giving money to you. But I do enjoy it when my subs give me money and I've had a sub who does this for me in from SL to RL. So we worked our way into it slowly starting from Lindens to Amazon gift cards, etc., and now over time it has become something more. So for me, I see it as fetish too and its why im so cuious about it but as I said since there is no standard, and not a lot of information. But it does very much arouse me. I'm still apprehansive about demanding it or expecting though. Not sure if thats a guilt thing or not knowing how to really do it.

Baroness Eisenhart: Sure, but if the basics are missing you can't produce a profitable pig. Time will teach you to figure out the right method, if there is one because all pigs are different. Like BDSM, some Mistresses act as if they invented it.

Jovial Denimore: Lol, yes. Also, and maybe I'm wrong about this, I feel the pig should look for the Mistress, not that the Mistress should poach.

Baroness Eisenhart: Exactly. I never run after any pig. That's a question of pride and style. Further more, they will come back one day and pay to apology.

Jovial Denimore: That I have seen a lot in SL, women who poach and to me its never felt like FinDom, more like just women who "play" at it and also where to me that crosses the line between abuse and the fetish itself of actually enjoying it and getting off on it.

Jovial Denimore: Do you have limits on what you will and wont do?

Baroness Eisenhart: No. But once again, I decide what will happen, not the pig. If pigs don't agree on that, they can move along.

Jovial Denimore: Have you ever seen male Dominants into FinDom? I've never seen it in SL myself and always wondered about that.

Baroness Eisenhart: Yes, some. But there are only a few. And in my eyes it's better if we don't have any males.

Jovial Denimore: How come?

Baroness Eisenhart: Imagine the strong protector who begs for money and on the other hand, the sexy bitch manipulating you. I know it's quite polemic, but FinDom is nothing a pig expects from a male.

Jovial Denimore: So you mean that male Dominants shouldn't FinDom female subs?

Baroness Eisenhart: Remember what I said about the difference between men and women? If they "play" forced prostitution that's fine, but this has nothing to do with FinDom.

Jovial Denimore: How often are you here in SL doing this?

Baroness Eisenhart: Each and every day. Responsibility for my pigs, remember?

Jovial Denimore smiles

Jovial Denimore: I really, really appreciate you speaking so openly with me about all of this. I've met a lot of people over the years with FinDom SIMs who are not very nice to say the least. They don't want to talk about it.

Baroness Eisenhart: Yes. I'm best. That's why I don't fear any competition. And as you can see everything I say makes sense.

Jovial Denimore: Yes it does. And I've felt those who didn't want to talk about it didn't because they didn't know what they where doing or were playing at it.

Baroness Eisenhart: You need that bad girl image as a FinDom. That's what excites pigs.

Jovial Denimore: Well, I have one final question. I am co-owner of a group called Adult Community Education Society. We provide learning opportunities for all sorts of things related to "adult" lifestyles in SL. I was wondering if I could feature this chat as an interview and post it to our group, Fetlife page and ACES Blog? Over time as we were talking and I was asking more questions, I thought would be great as article/interview. I really appreciate your openness. I would really like for people to see what FinDom is and hopefully stop it from being so taboo.

Baroness Eisenhart: You're very welcome. Of course it's okay. I knew that this question would come up. There is one thing I can give all FinDommes and such planning to be one as an advice: Always be in control of each and every situation. Filtering information, as it was in your case. I had a look at your profile and after the third question I knew already that you were going to interview me.

Jovial Denimore: Its nice you didn't then change how you spoke about everything because one thing I really enjoyed from the beginning was how direct and confident you are about what you do and how you believe in it.

Baroness Eisenhart: It was nothing but another manipulation ^^ I gave you the answer for a nice article...^^

Jovial Denimore: Lol!

Baroness Eisenhart: Yes, that's the secret of being a successful Domme: Always be in charge. Control each and every situation whatever you do and profit from it.

Jovial Denimore: Lol! Indeed.

Baroness Eisenhart blows you a kiss: 'Any more question, puppet?' sticks out her tongue.

Jovial Denimore: Well, I'm going to get going and let you get back to working on the rules and such. Again, I really appreciate your time and I enjoyed meeting you :)

Baroness Eisenhart: You're so welcome. Take care =)

Jovial Denimore: You as well :)