Thursday, March 1, 2012

Humiliation Play discussion

Torquedom hosts another exciting adventurous topic at the Extreme Fetishist.

Adult Hub teaches Avatar Skills

I'm hostnig the class in this photo. We're building rez day cupcakes for beginners. Learning about the edit menu and how to create our own script in the object. At the Adult Hub on the Freedom Continent.

The ACES Network Community Info Area

Aces Provides public information about the Network.

When visiting the ACES headquarters. Enter the building and you will see an area just like this photo. Touch the logo's of each sim/group involved in the network. Receive a landmark, a notecard of information and/or rules of that sim and group as well as a description of the network affiliate.

Dom/me Nation Meeting at Solace of Submission

Miss Paine is hostessing the meeting on 2.29.12 at Solace of Submission.